2022 Joint Conference of ANACP, CANA and CMAATL 

2022 Award

Meeting Brochure

Meeting Agenda (PDF)Short Schedule

ANACP/CANA/CMAATL 2022 Annual Meeting Agenda(short version):

  • 11/4 Friday:
    Welcome/Registration: (Conference Registration Area) 10:00AM- 18:00PM
    • Golf tournament: 12:00-16:00PM (Pre-registered; Contact Dr. David Wang)
    • (CANA has a separate schedule for Friday afternoon)
    • “ANACP Aesthetic Medicine Salon with Dr. Zhong Ye”, 3:00-5:00 PM (Room Audubon)
    • 5:00-10:00 PM Lakeside Pavilion BBQ dinner reception and Bonfire (complimentary, Lakeside Pavilion) Come to enjoy great food, music, dancing, karaoke, and socializing with friends for fun!
  • 11/5 Saturday:
    Welcome/Registration: (Conference Registration Area) 7:00AM- 18:00PM
    • Breakfast: (Salon D Foyer) 7:00-8:00AM
    • CME & Sponsored lectures for physician members (Conference Center, total of 13.0 CME. For details of the lectures, please see the following page)
    • Guided bus tour of Atlanta for family members.
    • 6:00-8:00 PM Dinner reception at the hotel (complimentary, Evergreen Salon).
    • 8:00-11:00 PM Talent show and party! (Evergreen Salon)
  • 11/6, Sunday:
    • Breakfast is NOT served in the conference
    • Morning activities: hiking, and aerobic exercises.
    • Meeting adjourned at 10:00am.

Saturday Atlanta City Tour -周六上午九点酒店大厅集合

总共时间 - 7小时 (门票和午餐自理)

  • 可口可乐, 百年奥运公园(2.5小时)
    • 也可以去可口可乐对面的水族馆
  • 《飘》作者故居(0.5小时)
  • 午餐(1.5小时)
  • 马丁路德金纪念馆和出生地(2小时)
  • 州政府外观(0.5小时视时间和堵车状况而定)