3rd ANACP Annual Meeting 2018 Brochure (PDF)


Following the great successes of our first conference in Dallas, Texas and our second in Chicago, Illinois, ANACP is proud to have hosted our 3 rd Annual Conference in Houston, Texas. Our conference was co-hosted with the Chinese American Neurological Association (CANA) and American Association of Chinese Rehabilitation Physicians (AACRP). Currently, we boast a membership of more than 300 physicians worldwide covering a wide range of specialties. As one of the largest Chinese-based physician organizations, we are constantly working to provide support to our physicians to improve communities both nationally and internationally. Our mission is to improve the quality of health care through the sharing of knowledge and medical practice by bringing together physicians from all backgrounds and specialties. These meetings afford physicians the ability to expand their knowledge and skills to provide patients with the best possible medical care. As health care providers, we are expected to be the pinnacle of health knowledge. It is for this reason that we continuously educate ourselves on the latest in health care to ensure we are always providing the gold standard in care. Our annual meetings are designed to discuss medical ethics, inspire our fellow physicians to seek the best possible treatment for patients and to teach as much as we can about the latest health care threats, treatments, and prevention from the leaders of their fields. As the fourth largest city in the United States and the largest city of the southern states, Houston has one of the most diverse cultures in the nation and is home to many different communities. As the epicenter of cultural growth, Houston is one of the best places to become immersed in varied cultural practices, beliefs, and cuisines. Since health and medicine are equally diverse, as Houstonians, we are honored to host this year’s conference. Our 3rd Annual Conference focused on the latest developments in lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, men’s health and infectious liver disease. Our guest speakers shared knowledge from both academic and private practice backgrounds. The speakers included those from TCU/UNT Medical School, University of Illinois, University of Texas, MD Anderson Medical Center, University of California, St. Louis University, and many more. We also hosted a Residents-In-Training debate. We also had the pleasure of having Mayor Turner and Mr. Li, the Chinese General Consulate, attend our conference this year. We greatly appreciate Mayor Turner taking a moment to welcome all the attendees. His uplifting speech praised his love of Houston and gave all non-Houstonians a glimpse at our diversity of culture, resilience to obstacles, and love of people with our welcoming nature. He also spoke of the push to rebuild Houston after Hurricane Harvey, not to its original glory, but to an even brighter future. He shared his own trials growing up in Houston but showed that anything is possible because if we “dream big, big things can happen.” As part of Houston's dream, Mayor Turner shared that Houston is expected to expand our Texas Medical Center by 33%, securing our place as the largest medical complex in the world. He closed his speech with the confidence that Houston will be at the forefront of our country’s future because its future will go “right through the city of Houston.” In addition to strengthening our knowledge, we also strengthened our physical well-being by gathering everyone for a short run/hike in Hermann Park. We encourage our physicians to lead by example by improving public health starting with ourselves. In doing so, we paid homage to our focus this year as well as to the victims of Hurrican Harvey. The local members of ANACP, CANA, and AACRP did this run last year to show our support for the city and we showed our continued support this year. We look forward to next year’s conference in Jersey City (NJ)/New York City and hope that we can continue improving our communities together.