This page can only be seen if you are a website Admin. This page is designed to document the workflow of website updating, and membership management.

I. Website -

    New Lecture Update

  • New lectures should be posted on the Upcoming Lecture page no later than Wednesday of the week
    • Images - Student Volunteer Ethan Xiao does it
    • Zoom meeting or Zoom Webinar ID and link should be updated on the top part of the page - Yanxia Li
  • The home page should be updated with new lecture topics (can be a short version) - Ethan Xiao
  • After the lectures, video link from Vimeo is updated on the Lecture Recording page ASAP - Yanxia Li

II. Membership Management

1. Under S2member Next - Payment Log, there will be the new member payment log to see new member registration.

  • $500 New Lifetime Member
  • $400 Upgraded lifetime member from previous annual member
  • $100 Annual Member
  • $25 Junior Member
  • $25 Trainee member
  • $0 Subscribers or ANACP Partners

2. Under Users - All users

Different ways to check new user registration

  • Rank by registration date, the newly registered members will show first. HOWEVER, if a member renews or upgrades from previous existing account, it will not show by ranking by registration date. So checking the payment log is the most reliable way to see the new registration, renewal and upgrade.
  • Clicking individual categories in "All Users" will bring up the particular category users for review, as follows.

All (1,018) | Administrator (8) | Editor (10) | Subscribers (42) | Keymaster (5) | Participant (157) | Expired Junior Member (52) | Expired Trainee Member (34) | Expired Associated Annual Member (1) | Expired Annual Member (140) | ANACP Partner (23) | Associated Lifetime Member (2) | Junior Member (104) | Trainee Member (57) | Associated Annual Member (3) | Annual Member (30) | Lifetime member (508) | Upgraded Lifetime member (4)

We need to email them to invite them to our WeChat Groups by giving them our personal WeChat ID. Needs to be done at least weekly. Prefer to use our email to contact the members, which makes it easy to keep track. 

A video of using our to send out email is listed here.

  • Junior - Invite into Junior Membership Group
  • Other members - invite into ANACP Member Group #2
  • Recommend group invite, check member registration category upon contacting through WeChat before inviting into different groups
  • Yanxia and Jinghui will take turns monthly to invite.