ANACP Match Series #2, Residency Interview

Dr. Changchuan Jiang and Dr. Matt Wang, 4/24/2022

ANACP match series #3, GYN Residency Application


ANACP Match Series #4. Ophthalmology and Prelim, Application and Training


ANACP Match Series #6. How to survive and ace your pathology residency

Dr. Xin He, 2022-05-29

ANACP Match Series #7. How to survive intern year -- Internal Medicine.

Dr. Chris Leo. 2022-06-05

ANACP Match Series #8. Tips that you want to know before residency (surgical and medical) & plan on fellowship application

Dr. Yanjie He, Dr. Changchuan Jiang, Dr. Bing Chen, 2022-06-12

ANACP Match Series #9. Pre-surgical Internship Training

Dr. Yijun Chen. 2022-06-18


ANACP Match Series #10. Internal Medicine - Must Known Clinical Scoring Systems #10 2022-06-25

Dr. Tao Wang. Dr. Mark Jia 2022-06-25

ANACP Match Series#11, How to Improve Your Residency Application.

Dr. Hongxiu Luo, 2022-07-03


ANACP Match Talk - Residency interview

Coffee, Emma and Xingxing, Chris, 2022-10-09