Letter to Students and Parents

8/6/2022 Added ANACP zoom meeting and lecture link for student cohosts (See the zoom meeting, section 4, below)
7/31/2022  Added the video for the 1st Youth meeting on July 10. 2022
7/30/2022  First draft

Dear students and parents,

We really appreciate your interest and your support of our youth program. We just started this program and many students have joined us. We are so excited that we have teams formed by a group of ANACP kids who are self-motivated, energetic, and eager to learn.  Both college and high school students with different skills, interests, and potentials, are in our teams.

We thank you all for your patience while we are putting everything together, finding the best way to communicate with our youths, teaching them according to what they can handle at different levels, and writing up instructions for our projects so that they can follow… We expect to work with our students long-term throughout their high school and college life, growing together with ANACP.  There will be more teaching sessions in the future for those who are interested. We arrange all these in our spare time, so sometimes it may not be prompt. We appreciate your understanding.

Some students (especially the college ones) have started working with us on certain projects under the leadership of our physicians. I understand for our high school students it might be overwhelming in the beginning, but with more teach/learning sessions coming up, they should be able to join us and do more on their own. We are sure it would be a good learning experience for them.

Projects Overview:

  1. Database/membership  (introduction is on page Training Database/Membership)
    1. MagicMembers Plugin
    2. Understand database structure
    3. Handle data records
    4. Communicate with members
    5. MailChimp mailing software
  2. Meeting registration (introduction is on page Training Membership)
    1. WooCommerce Plugin for online ordering
    2. Understand the backend of ordering transaction
    3. Communication with customers
    4. Troubleshoot ordering issues
    5. Construct Excel Spreadsheet for meeting attendees
  3. Website Design (some introduction is on page Training Website)
    1. Using Divi tool to design a website
    2. Website content update and modifications
    3. WordPress
    4. Vimeo
  4. Zoom meeting co-host  
    • Many of you have joined our Zoom meetings and worked as co-hosts. We do have zoom meetings all the time, and one or two co-hosts from our youths are needed.
    1. Recommend you watch some YouTube channels about hosting or co-hosting a zoom meeting. There are more “tricks” you may not know.
    2. Join in at least 15 min before the meeting starts using your OWN name so that I can recognize you to make you co-host
    3. Make sure to “Mute All Upon Entry” before admitting attendees
    4. Admit attendees 1 minute before the meeting, except the few panelists who I will admit earlier.
    5. Make sure their video and audio are off when entering and during the meeting, since some of them may accidentally turn them on which can be distractive.
    6. If some attendees want to join the discussion, they are allowed to unmute themselves and turn on the video too.
    7. Learn to use Chat functions, for Everyone vs for individuals
    8. Stay in the meeting at least for the first 20-30 minutes, and send the host DIRECT messages through chat (which can be tricky) before you leave

A word to parents.

Thank you all for your support and trust. I hope you encourage your kids to stay with us. Be patient, we aim at long-term collaboration with your kids and you. We, a prestigious North American Physician Group, will take our chances to provide our kids with what they need to thrive in their future career paths.

Best regards,


Attached below is the video we had as our 1st youth group meeting on July 10. We introduced our organization and on-going projects. Please enlarge the video and view it in the full screen mode for a better result.