2022  ANACP Mock Interview

Time: October 15, 2022, Saturday. Four sessions Eastern Time. Three time slots in each session. See below.

Interviewers: ~80 Physicians
Interviewees: ~110 Chinese Medical School Graduates who are in US current matching for residency programs
Procedure: Online Zoom interview in individual zoom breakout rooms. Each student get 1 to 3 times interview with the interviewers. Each interviewer interviews three different interviewees at different  time slots. There will be total ~200 individual interviews conducted throughout the whole day.

Co-hosts: The co-hosts will receive the preassigned match list (example as below). Cohosts help to assign interviewers and interviewees to the corresponding breakout rooms according to preassigned matching list for each time slot. For example, below is an example of a matching list in the session of 9:00-11:00 AM EST including the three time slots. The co-hosts will help to move the student to the right Interviewer's breakout room quickly during the beginning of each interview. At the end of each interview time slot, the cohosts will help to make sure the student leaves the breakout room on time, so the next interview can start on time. The cohosts will get instructions from the host for what to do.