How MagicMember Plugin works?
  1. Membership management Plugin - MagicMembers
  2. Understand database structure
  3. Communicate with members upon their registration
  4. Update data records

Members in a few categories (Pack).

  • Lifetime member- $500 (newly registered)
  • Lifetime member - $400 (upgraded from previous full member)
  • Full (annual) member  - $100, one year term
  • Trainee member - $25, one year term
  • Junior member - $25, one year term
  • Associated members (Lifetime and annual)

Membership status

  • Active: the paid ($500) or upgraded ($400) lifetime members are always active.
  • Expired: for full members and training members only, when they're one year term expires.
  • Inactive: occasionally, people register but have not completed the payment process.

    A few things to do once new members appear in our database

    1. Send a greeting email from ANACP to them. Templates are ready in our shared Google Drive as google Doc for different member categories.

    • first time lifetime member ($500)
    • upgraded lifetime member ($400)
    • full member
    • trainee member
    • Inactive member (to remind them about the payment)

    The email can be sent using our Gmail

    Please see this short video for more details about MagicMembers.

    ...New Training video pending...

    1. About the receipt for their membership payment

    Check the Gmail on daily basis, or every two days to see if members reply or if they have any questions.

    Most of the time, they should receive auto email reply with their receipt from our organization. If they reply and tell us they do not receive auto email reply from our organization for the receipt, we need to construct a receipt and send it to them manually.

    An email template for membership payment receipt is stored in our Googld Drive as a google Doc. There is also a note doc with instructions on how to send receipt.

    We are working on completing the membership information in the database now. Lots of required information is missing, such as Specialty, emplyer, license state...

    Help is needed from our volunteers to find out the complete the database for us. We have sent out lists of physicians to our student volunteers for specific help.

    Step 1: Find out missing information for the physician online.

    Step 2: Update the database on the website.