Add a new page for Sponsors.

Update on 8/6 – Task for Daniel

In the “letter to our youth” page, please make a section link in the page to link the underlined on the TOP (update on 8/6) of the page to section #4, the zoom meeting co-host instruction.

Update on 8/5 – task for Daniel

Please Provide information for our sponsors on the webpage. Let us add a new button under the Conference Schedule called “Information for Sponsor“. This links to a new page. This new page needs to be created on the Dashboard – Pages –  Add New – Give it a title such as “Sponsors“.

In this Sponsor page, we need to have
1. Sponsorship level text on the website, and downloadable PDF (PDF in the media library)
2. Invitation letter, downloadable PDF only (PDF in the media library)
3. Contact information,
Let us make the page presentable and professional.

Lecture posters up-to-date - No action needed unless asked

Update on 8/5

I have updated the lectures on the home page and Up coming lecture pages before my vacation (8/6-8/19). If there is any more request from Dr. Chris Liu or Dr. Lei Gao, please update the pages accordingly.

Update on 8/5.  Added Video for how to fetch lecture video link from Vimeo  (2 min). The login information has been sent via email to you. If you check Vimeo the next day, the link of the zoom meeting should be there.

Your ideas are needed for our Meeting registration page.

Updated on 7/27/2022

The meeting registration page is somehow not very good looking.

I propose we do two things, and also see what ideas you have to make it better.  I have created some private practice pages for some of you to work on.

1. Make the lengthy meeting agenda invisible. The setting is under Advanced – Visibility – Check the three checkboxes. We will leave one Downloadable PDF on the page.

2. I have uploaded 27 beautiful images into the Media Library. These are the images a physician took around the meeting resort. I think it would be good to show them on the webpage. What do you think it might be the best way to show them in this page? There might be funcation to show images that we can explore.


Update 7/26/2022

For website builders, there are a few short video clips you can check out before you start webpage building. Please let me know if you have any question,

You may need to learn more about Divi builder 

  • Please practice on your created PRIVATE pages to work on task #1 and #2 illustrated below.
  • Your private pages are constructed as 

Video – Add a future lecture poster to the website

Video – Add a Vimeo video link to the web page

Your Tasks

Task #1
Please try to upload the new lecture poster which is in the Media Library already to your private page 
and produce the end result as show in the website.

There is link. Up coming lectures

Task #2
Please try to upload the vimeo video to your private page

with this link,
Using this Title “人工智能在医学领域中的应用, ” and description “Dr. Limin Yu. 07/22/2022”, to produce this result as in the website.

There is link. Lecture series 2022