Zoom meeting co-host volunteers need to know… 

    • One or two co-hosts from our youth volunteers are needed for each zoom meeting. 
    1. Join in at least 5 min before the meeting starts using your OWN name so that we can recognize you to make you co-host.
    2. Use your REAL NAME to join. If you are not made co-host, please also send DIRECT message to the meeting HOST to request cohosting (not message to everyone in the meeting)
    3. In the setting, make sure to “Mute All Upon Entry” before admitting attendees.
    4. Start admitting attendees 1 minute before the meeting or when the host ask you to.
    5. Do not mute or disable video of other co-hosts who might be the speakers.
    6. Make sure the attendee’s video and audio are off during the meeting, since they may accidentally leave them on which can be distractive.
    7. Use Chat function, messaging to Everyone or to individual attendees, if needed.
    8. Stay in the meeting for at least for the first 30 minutes, and send the host DIRECT messages before leaving the meeting.
    9. Recommend you watch some YouTube channels about hosting or co-hosting a zoom meeting. There are some “tricks” you may need to know.